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IT Infrastructure

MMBELLC believes that IT infrastructure should enhance, rather than distract from, mission performance.

We help to design the right IT strategy that will support service delivery excellence, ranging from data consolidation to cloud migration, mobility and self-service. Our flexible, hardware-neutral approach enables us to design a transformational path that will enable you to meet your objectives, while getting the most value out of your budget.

Our focus is on designing the right mix to help improve service levels, reduce total cost of ownership, and drive end-user productivity gains.

We have experience working in some of the most demanding IT environments in the world and employ advanced industry standards including information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) and capability maturity model integration (CMMI).

    Application Development
    Cloud Migration
    Datacenter Operations
    Database Development & Maintenance
    Information Assurance
    Helpdesk & IT Support
    Wireless Mobility & BYOD

Whether you are looking to optimize internal IT processes, want to completely outsource the IT function, or for anything in between, MMBELLC is the right partner to meet your needs.

Networks and Communications

MMBELLC has developed network and communications systems used in some of the most demanding environments on earth, from strategic command and control centers deep inside mountains to satellite communications systems in outer space.

This heritage is evident in our approach network and communications systems, where we approach every client as a “mission critical” assignment.

We know that your communications network and data are among the most vital assets of your organization. It’s all about delivering critical information to key actors so they can make the right decisions. And while technologies continue to change rapidly, the requirements for dependability and security remains a constant.

We take a complete lifecycle approach to designing and supporting enterprise networks, so as to help you achieve incremental or revolutionary change. Our solutions encompass voice, video, data, narrowband, broadband, mobile and cloud technologies. We have the qualifications to work on secure and non-secure communications.

MMBELLC can help with:

    Cloud Migration
    Core Networking
    Data Center Consolidation
    LAN/WAN Networks
    Satellite Communications
    Voice & Video Networks
    Wireless Communications

MMBELLC is capable of delivering complex networking systems on schedule and within budget.

We bring all the resources required for government-approved purchasing, warehousing, deployment, accounting, and testing. And our deep understanding of evolving government technology standards, will ensure that your network is built to comply with applicable mandates and support integration and information sharing.

Call Center Operations

MMBELLC understands that call centers are the beating heart of customer and citizen response in delivering essential services. Call center design can have a profound effect on the efficiency of operations, while each call center touch can create a lasting impression of your organization.

We have helped our clients set up call centers that can handle millions of inquiries and transactions and will apply best practices learned across leading public sector and corporate clients to design the best approach for your needs. This includes blending web-based, integrated voice response (IVR) systems, and human customer service.

The call center can also serve as the front end for a range of services to include document processing, eligibility determination, data verification, records management, fulfillment, delivery, and tracking.

Our specialized call center expertise includes:

    Emergency response
    Immigration services
    Healthcare services

Our approach to call center management helps government clients to match the efficiency and satisfaction levels of best consumer companies, so as to create a positive experience that translates into an enhanced reputation.

An important part of that is the dedication to service excellence shown by Serco team members, who bring a positive and caring approach to every interaction.